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Elizabeth Vargas: Alcoholic

November 7, 2013

Elizabeth Vargas: Alcoholic

Do I know who Elizabeth Vargas is? No, but she’s an alcoholic. She sounds pretty cool. She looks pretty cool too, look at the half barrels she has on her chest. True gozungas. Apparently she’s a news anchor for ABC or something, does shit for 20/20.

When I think of alcoholics, I think of a person who’s drinking a couple 5ths of liquor a day then takes down a case of beer just to make sense of things. What can Elizabeth be doing; a couple glasses of wine and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade a day? Come on, if she’s an alcoholic then I’m an astrophysicist.

On another note, Elizabeth is married to Marc Cohn aka Mr Walking in Memphis aka Mr Silver Thunderbird aka Mr True Companion. To write songs like that, he gotta have a big one, right?

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  1. I commend Elizabeth Vargas, whom I’ve long admired for having the courage to seek help when she needed it and to bravely face having to deal with her personal challenges in such a public way. This will cause many people to take a look at Substance Use Disorder, anxiety and the effects of these stressors on people and more specifically women in our society. Recently on Katie Couric’s show she highlighted the fact that this year the CDC reported that 1 in 8 women binge drink three times a month. Gabrielle Glaser’s new book Her Best-Kept Secret, dives into the reasons why women are drinking more, when it’s becoming a problem and how to stop before it causes more harm than just a hangover. May honest and open discourse of this vitally important challenge in our society continue and bring attention to the consistent need for interest in effective, scientific, medically and psychologically-sound, evidence-based support and treatment for people looking for real help…never harm. May we find Truth now. See the Katie Couric interview about Her Best Kept Secret via the following link:

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